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So funny

Man I just about peed myself laughing at this animation. Too funny! You need to make a series of animations like this and put them all into a single flash movie using the reel at the end to transition between the different animations.

Wow, amazing skills

Dude this is sweet. I wish I could animate so seamlessly like you. I wasn't really expecting so much since you said it was just a test but I thought it was pretty damn amazing man! Well done!

Madness used to be awesome

The madness has died, this is unoriginal and i am un-impressed, come up with something a little more new and exciting and maybe ill like it... maybe it was ok in terms of quality and everything, but ive seen this all before too many times

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Looks good but I'll have to start again

Unfortunately a glitch occurred for me at the very beginning at the point where I have to throw a weapon at the gnome. I'm stuck down the bottom of the screen and cant move back up, I can only move down into infinity. I'm running along the bottom of the screen but cant go up...?

Really short and easy, but we'll executed

A professional and well made game. But I would have liked to see you at least do a little more within those two scenes. It wouldn't have been much extra work really but you could have made the puzzles a little more challenging and added a few extra things to do in each scene. That would have given the game much more length. Also at some points it was annoying to have to wait for some long animation sequences to finish. The squirell moving was way to slow. Regardless its still a good game and a great addition to the series.

Im hooked on this

I've been coming back to play this every time I get bored. This game is well programmed and provides a great level of difficulty. At first I thought it was way too hard but it is getting easier now. Managed to get second best so far on 100K fixed for the little fortress map! Yay

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This is ridiculously epic. Also, listen to this while watching the "SimpleWave" visualization. The build and drop wave forms look sick!

Griswold the Goblin 2 Chapter 1 is out!

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