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Looks good but I'll have to start again

Unfortunately a glitch occurred for me at the very beginning at the point where I have to throw a weapon at the gnome. I'm stuck down the bottom of the screen and cant move back up, I can only move down into infinity. I'm running along the bottom of the screen but cant go up...?

Really short and easy, but we'll executed

A professional and well made game. But I would have liked to see you at least do a little more within those two scenes. It wouldn't have been much extra work really but you could have made the puzzles a little more challenging and added a few extra things to do in each scene. That would have given the game much more length. Also at some points it was annoying to have to wait for some long animation sequences to finish. The squirell moving was way to slow. Regardless its still a good game and a great addition to the series.

Im hooked on this

I've been coming back to play this every time I get bored. This game is well programmed and provides a great level of difficulty. At first I thought it was way too hard but it is getting easier now. Managed to get second best so far on 100K fixed for the little fortress map! Yay

Amazing for your first solo game project

Your first solo game and what can I say but you did a brilliant job on this. I'm impressed, graphics and programming are well done and the music, voice and overall productions is superb

Bell Bunn

You've won it!

SamohtVII responds:

Everyone knows the value of dominants.

A good start at flash, keep working at it!

Pretty impressive first start to flash. I can see your improving pretty quickly! Soon you'll be king of newgrounds!

SamohtVII responds:

Well that is the ultimate goal..

A job well done sir!

As one of the honorary beta testers it was great seeing this come together to make an awesome game in the end. This is a great sequel to the previous games with a lot of extra added features.

I have to say though you should have considered a save feature cos its kinda annoying for people if they rack up a bunch of points then they close the game and they have to do it all again. It's not too late to add that, if you want I can help you out with it. Anyway who cares, its a sweet game anyway with a nice random ending.

So in summary: Awesome humor, sweet variety of games, no so original concept but still very fun and entertaining


Godlimations responds:

Thanks Phantasmagay! 9/10?? I thought you were my friend. Kidding! :D

I know I can never get a perfect score to likes of a pro-scripter who can easily flaw out every error of my heathen scripting ways lol.

Thanks for the support and beta testing man, I actually did ask for a saving .fla file from you, as to which you made and sent off calling it "omgpoo.fla", then I lost it, so I figured you would've gotten angry if I asked again. But I'm still open to that venue of you making another one pretty super fun happy please :D

cheers mate.

Decent but it lacks an element

This element being excitement, i really never got drawn into the game simply because it never excited me. I suppose it could just be the genre of game that it is but i do love the FF games which do an excellent job of creating excitement. I know theres a big difference between you and squaresoft but i still feel you could have done much better.

This game came so close though to being a really great NG classic in my book but it just lacked those few elements. Great work though. I suggest next time you should work on a more compelling story and also perhaps some higher quality voice artist work and gameplay i guess

Awesome Game

This game so well made. It really takes some skill to put something like this together and make it all work so flawlessly.

And to the reviewer below me... Your a deuche, this was made way before portal was, and even so, a score of 4/10 is a bit harsh?

This game is really original, has awesome gameplay and style and well... this game is simply legendary!

sorry but... i think it needs work

the game is so bland and boring and incredibly monotonous. Honestly this game must have takes 2 maybe 3 hours to make, its such a half arsed job. you need to improve the combat in the game maybe add some special moves and more tricks, graphics also need a definate improving and the gameplay is just weak. sorry guys i wanted to like it but i certianly think this game shouldnt have made it to front page, make room for better works on the front page coz this just doesnt deserve it!

Griswold the Goblin 2 Chapter 1 is out!

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