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Entry #6

Who wants some Terrible Teeth?

2013-12-23 18:39:32 by Phantasmagor

It's been a while but we're finally back! For a few years I've been out of action in the game dev world, studying, travelling and whatnot. I re-emerged a year ago and joined back up with Chris on a new project called Terrible Teeth!

We've decided to try our hands at mobile developement. It's been a huge challenge, but with the power of OpenFL ( previously HaxeNME) we've been able to develop this game for multiple platforms, including Android, iOS and FLASH!! Our main target has been mobile, so the gameplay experience is much better on Android and iOS.


Check out the flash demo here:


Check out the full version on Android and iOS here:

Android -

iOS -


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2013-12-23 20:52:36

Gonna try out the Android version soon! The demo is fun!