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St. Patricks day awards and goodness

2011-03-16 21:41:34 by Phantasmagor

Hey all!

It's St. Pattacks day and you know what that means? You should go to your local Irish pub and get drunk. But before you do that, play St Pattack and beat up some pesky leprechauns. Be sure to play TODAY, the 17th of March and get the Special day award! It's only available once every year on St Patricks day!

Also, be sure to download the Demon from the reincarnation series for your android phone. Simply search and download Pet Demon on the android market place.

Chris and I are also currently working on another awesome game for the android platform that will be coming out soon! We'll keep you posted.

St. Patricks day awards and goodness


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2011-03-16 21:52:57

How do you get said Special day award?

Phantasmagor responds:

Make sure you're logged in to newgrounds and just start the game on the 17th of March. If your computer clock data is wrong then it might not work