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New Game - Space Station Jason

2008-08-11 20:29:32 by Phantasmagor

Lilg and I, Phantasmagor, are back again after almost a year since our last collaborative project Hewitt.

Our latest project which we have just released is Space Station Jason which you can find here:

Space Station Jason an epic 3d platform game that has taken close to 2 months to develop. Not including the many months I spent before that building and messing around with my 3d engine.

We hope you all enjoy the game and leave some helpful reviews and comments!

New Game - Space Station Jason


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2008-08-11 20:32:03

Seen it.


2008-08-12 07:49:29

It's a really impressive game, but there isn't much in it that keeps it exciting. I played a bit of the first two levels and had no urge to really continue.



2008-08-12 20:19:31

I played all 15 levels and collected all 800 items. The 14th level was hard, but the 15th level was easy.


2008-08-14 07:11:51

will you pleas, pleas pleas pleas pleas pleas pleas pleas make griswold the goblin 2 now?

Phantasmagor responds:

We are working on it but we keep getting delays in the project since its so huge. Both Lilg and I have been needing money so we have sidetracked to some other projects but we will work on releasing before the end of the year. We are planning on releasing another different adventure point and click game soon called Ghostly Encounters which will blow you away :D