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Griswold the Goblin 2 Chapter 1 is out!

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Comments (17)

Great! I loved the first one, and I look forward to the second.

Thanks! I think you'll be amazed by the massive increase in quality

Upcoming launch should be awesome!! After playing the first I can't wait for the sequel. All ur games have been awesome and I expect this will be even better. Ur past games have been creative and the graphics and interface are great. Can't wait to see ur work - props to phantasmagor and lilg

You rock sir

On an unrelated note it's disapointing that your forums have been taken down as the only that isn't easily found is a cockroach and money to buy flowers. I've gone through all of the obvious and non obvious senarios including trying to sell of that apple to the fruit vendor... didn't think of that did you :-d

But anyway... I imagine I'll figure it some day or other. Till then I'll just wait for the next installment.

Thankl god i've been waiting for this for a long time i love your point and click adventures they're so smart and beautiful but to be honest i have preferred Freds Adventure over Grizwald and Hewitt, simply because i found it more difficult but thats just my opinion, Keep up the Good Work!

Wow, cant wait for the sequel. The title screen rox ;) I love your games, especially Hewitt and Griswold, the last one being one of my favourite games in NG, and im pretty sure Griswold 2 will rock even more so hurry up, or i'll die from excitement xD. PS if u plan on making griswold fart again, make him fart less often, gets annoying.

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you just won 100 free dollars

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Hey! Kudos on winning the random voter of November!

yay! griswold is one of my favorite NG characters here. They should put him Ng rumble..
cant wait for the sequel! so will it be in 6 games, or what?

Are you guys close to finishing the game? I can't wait to play. I know it will be great. :)

Oh hey Glam wow I haven't heard from you in ages. Gees I totally forgot to tell you about how the game was going and everything and sorry I never kept in contact about writing the story.

Errm well unfortunately Lilg has gotten really busy in his last year of college and also I'm going to be busy this year but we are trying to find time whenever we can to work on it. But unfortunately the production of the game has slowed down a lot and it might be some time before we release it. But on the bright side when it comes out you know its gonna be great considering the time and effort were putting into this one.

Anyway thanks for staying interested and everything and I hope we can get this game released for you soon :)

Your games were actually one of the main things that encouraged me to learn to code, unfortunately I don't think I could ever get a hold of you, only lilg so I never got any learnins' from you, but now I'm good at it scriptin' n' such, so it's all good. In fact, the lack of help I was able to find over the web probably is what allowed me to learn since I never had other people as a crutch. hope this one is just as good as the last!

Wow really that's amazing. I had a look at some of the things you've coded and i have to say in very impressed. I'm glad that you were inspired by some of our earlier projects. If you ever want to contact me:
MSN: phantasmagor@gmail.com
AIM: mr phantasmagor

Griswold is an Outtie!

sexy lookin' game

cant wait for this game to come out! you sent me a demo a couple days ago, remember rnweatherman? i just need to get flash to play it =D

Anyway, great job on all your other games, cant wait for the others!

Isnt this the game which Adam Phillips is also working on?!

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